Rtn. Rtr. Shashank SN — Bio.

To be addressed as

Rtn. Rtr. PHF. Shashank SN (or) Rtn. Rtr. Shashank SN
Rotaract District Trainer 2023 -24 - RID 3000

Shashank SN (aka) Stupidpreneur
Founder of Two Paise Club & Branding @ GUVI Geek Network

Rotary Intro

Shashank SN is a distinguished member of the Rotary and Rotaract Club of Dindigul, with a rich Rotary legacy that extends back to before his birth.

Both of his parents are past presidents and active Rotarians, and Shashank himself has grown from Annet to Interactor to Rotaractor, and now to a Rotarian.

Shashank has contributed close to INR 30,000, which he collected from the society, towards the 'End Polio Campaign' in 2012.

This inspired him to make his own contributions towards The Rotary Foundation the following year, for which he was awarded the prestigious Paul Harris Fellow title in 2013.

With over seven years of experience as a Rotaractor, Shashank now serves as the Rotaract District Trainer for RID 3000.

He is also a RYLA Trainer who has currently handled 2 sessions to over 100 students.

He holds an M.Sc. in Electronic Media from CEG, Anna University.

Furthermore, he speaks on multiple stages about entrepreneurship and makes jokes too! And the number is over 100 now!

Recently, he founded a new company called the “Two Paise Club” with the aim of encouraging people to read more books.


Business Intro

He writes about newsletters, entrepreneurship, communities and how to be stupid!

His parents named me Shashank SN, but fondly referred to by the people of the internet as the 'Stupidpreneur', not because his ideas are stupid, but because his works on ideas people consider stupid.

That has led him to a good place professionally, where he has started 12 companies and sold 3 of'em.

Presently, he helps people build products powered by newsletter-led communities with amazing designs and strategies.

He recently founded

, to help people read non-fiction books so that they can up skill themselves.

He also runs a paid community for Newsletter Builders 🧱 which helps first-time newsletter writers go from 10 to their first 500 subscribers in 100 days.

Furthermore, he also co-founded, Happy Beginnings, India’s first wedding invites e-commerce store.

Not only that, but he’s worked with over 150 plus companies as a consultant to help them scale through design and strategies.

Currently, he works at GUVI Geek Network in their Branding & Strategy Team @ GUVI Geek Network.

He speaks on multiple stages about entrepreneurship and makes jokes too! And the number is over 100 now!


You can find him doing something stupid on Twitter (forcibly known as X), LinkedIn and Behance. And to actually get to know him, drop an email!