“The people who are crazy stupid enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

I talk about newsletters, entrepreneurship, communities and how to be stupid!

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My parents named me Shashank SN, but fondly referred to by the people of the internet as the 'Stupidpreneur', not because my ideas are stupid, but because I work on ideas people consider stupid.

That has led me to a good place professionally, where I've started 12 companies and sold 3 of'em.

Not only that, I currently work at GUVI Geek Network in their Branding & Strategy Team.

Furthermore, I speak in multiple stages about entrepreneurship and make jokes too! And the number is over 100 now!

Apart from writing nonsense on the internet, I am actively building

, a daily newsletter around non-fiction books that shares bite-sized learnings every day at 9 am, with a little twist, all about business and life!

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I run a community for Newsletter Builders 🧱 which helps first-time newsletter writers go from 10 to their first 500 subscribers in 100 days.

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I also co-founded India's first e-commerce store for wedding invitations, Happy Beginnings. You can select cards, quantity, and provide content for printing. We'll deliver to your doorstep. Cost calculated on the website with no extra charges.

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A 'failed' comic who started as a graphic designer and also has a thing for non-fiction books. 🌚

I've worked with over 150 plus companies as a brand consultant to help them scale through design and strategies.

I can proudly say that I usually go by Rtn. Rtr. PHF. Shashank SN. But for the sake of this, you can address me as 'Lord'.

And yes, I'm technically a Lord, and I know it's dumb.

I'm a proud citizen of Dindigul, the city known for its Biryani. I’m a big fan of the Golden State Warriors & Star Wars.

By the way, I'm a 25-year-old single guy who is seeking love!

When I'm not busy scoring runs on the cricket pitch or fighting the dark side of the force as a Jedi, you can find me indulging in some delicious non-vegetarian food or catching up on my beauty sleep.

As a minimalist, I take my laziness seriously and believe that doing nothing is a true art form. In my leisure time, I love reading books, but please don't disturb me while I'm in my cocoon of comfort.

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I write about newsletters, books, communities and how to be stupid!